In 1954/5 the Carpenter’s daughter Connie Robertson moved with her family from London into the accommodation above the shop in Stanstead Abbotts. The Carpenters thus displaced moved to Queens Road in Hertford. From that time Mrs Robertson ran the shop and her husband commuted by train to London where he retained his job with the Electricity Board. It is not certain but it is likely that when she was running the shop her father still owned the premises.

The shop with C Robertson ownership displayed taken about 1958

Constance Adelaide Robertson shopkeeper in white to the right with just one foot on lower step. Older lady on left as yet unknown. [Possibly one of the Miss Akers from next door [no. 56].

2nd from left Jess in dark coat, lived halfway down South Street on the left hand side. Jess helped Mrs Robertson when she was ill.  Sheila Livings 3rd from left [right at the back in the doorway] worked in the shop. She now lives in St. Andrews Street Hertford. [2014]

Mrs C A Robertson on the beach during a family holiday in 1957

No. 58 sporting its new name and paint scheme in 1955

 The shop traded as ‘C Robertson’ and soon had its shop front and signage repainted. Mrs Robertson continued to run the shop until she became seriously ill forcing her to give up running the shop in 1959.  The family then sold the premises and business to the Kenniwell family and the Robertsons moved in with William and his wife in Queens Road Hertford, where they had moved some five years previously when Connie had taken over the shop.

No. 58 High Street as it appeared in April 2014 [S. Moye]

Stuart Moye June 2014

[Information and black and white photographs supplied by the Robertson family]