by Ron Dale

Baesh Memorial, St. James Church

(Picture Ian White)

The chapel donated by Edmund Baesh in 1577 at St. James church bears a rather charming inscription on his memorial by an unknown author and would-be poet, informing us a little about Edmund Baesh, but also confirming that he had built the chapel as requested. As some of the words are today becoming difficult to decipher, they are here recorded for safe keeping in our archives for posterity, just in case.

The Authors Muse with the Reader

Reader goe not yet away

Let my teares entreat thee stay

Heare me speak of him but trueth

First Moecena of my youth

In fewe words I will the(e) tell

That this dead man lived well

For Wife, wealth & Children he

Was as blest as man could be

And though God did thus enritch him

Yet worlds love did not bewitch him

He Kept Hospitalytie

No man more of his degree

Bould in God that was his word

Therefore gave he to the Lord

This Isle, praying it might Keepe

Him and his in Peace to slepe

Till Christ triumph shall awake

And to blisse eternal them do take

Gratitudinis ergo

NOTE: Isle is mis-spelt in memorial and means aisle

Bould in God is the Baesh Family Motto and the crest can be seen on Presdales School, Ware, which once received the charity money previousy paid to the Boys Grammar School in Stanstead  Abbotts.

Ron Dale, May, 2017