Stanstead Abbotts Bypass Film 1987 By John Moss

          This film was shot, edited on traditional film and then later digitised by John Moss. He had a long standing interest in railways and local events and used another of his interests to record on film those thing he thought deserved recording for posterity.John was a resident of Ware his family having once run a shop in Baldock Street Ware. He spent a considerable part of his working life as a guard on the railway and must have passed over the level crossing at St Margarets many times during those years. Sadly John passed away in 2018 but his films of local life live on as a valued legacy.

           The film shows the traffic of the road through the village before the bypass opened featuring the level crossing, the High Street and Cats Hill. This is followed by images of the bypass under construction mainly in the vicinity of the Old Church. The film concludes with considerable footage of the village “Fun Day” which took place on the nearly completed bypass on the 31st of August. The fact that the formal opening held on the 7thof October was a dismally wet day perhaps explains why it does not feature in the film.

Stuart Moye May 2019

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