Stanstead Abbotts

Local History Society

Edwin Joseph FLACK

Lance Bombardier 890171

Royal Field Artillery, A Battery 270th Brigade

Died of Illness 11th July 1918 aged 27

Born in November 1890, in Stanstead Abbotts, in 1901 he lived with his parents Edward and Elizabeth, three sisters Beatrice, Mabel and Mary and two brothers Arthur and Ernest in Chapel Lane – now Cappel lane.  His father worked as a wheelwright while his son Edwin was a local gardener.

Edwin enlisted in the Army in Hertford and joined the Royal Field Artillery, where he served with A Battery, 270th Brigade as Lance Bombardier.  Two batteries of this unit were raised in Hertfordshire and a third in Peterborough originally as the 4th East Anglian Brigade, a Territorial Army unit, which became the 270th Brigade in 1916, as a Regular army unit. They were sent to France in November 1915.  During the next 2 years the battery fought in both France and Belgium.

In late 1917 the unit was sent to Palestine where the war against the Ottoman Empire had been taking place since late 1914. Edwin’s unit was in action but on the 11th July 1918 Edwin is reported as dead. However he does not appear to have been killed in action or died of wounds, it is most likely that he was taken ill, and moved to one of the hospitals in Gaza, which had been built by Allied troops and died there.  Both malaria and typhus were among diseases easily contracted in the desert areas.

Edwin is buried in the Gaza War Cemetery.

Medals Awarded: British War Medal, Victory Medal, 1915 Star