Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is published regularly by Terry Collins and reflects the running and

events of the Society. Each member of the Society receives a copy of the newsletter

as part of their membership but the committee have decided to publish our newsletters

on a late release basis.

If you would like to receive up to date issues then why not join us? Come along to

one of  our monthly meetings to find out more.

Issue 1. July 2012.

Covering our origins and our first talk, the River Lea.

Issue 2. August 2012.

The Parish Churches and the late Charles Lovick.

Issue 3. October 2012

Stanstead Bury and quiz night,

Issue 4. January 2013

In Memoriam, The Maltings and The Xmas party.

Issue 5. March 2013

The coming of the railway, William Clift.

Issue 6. May 2013

Book launch, The Meridian Line, The Ware Mutiny.

Issue 7. July 2013

The Lost Gardens of Hertfordshire. Easneye mansion and College.  William Clift.

Issue 8. October 2013

Sanville Gardens and Lea Valley nurseries. The Red Lion.

Issue 9. January 2014.

Peasants revolt and the Black Death. The Buntingford Line. SALHS Christmas party.

Issue 10. April 2014.

Building restoration. Toads and leeches. Family History research.

Issue 11. July 2014

On the River. The Magna Carter. Walking the High Street history. The History of Rye House.

Issue 12. October 2014.

The Much Hadham Forge. SALHS barbecue. Scouts talk. The realities of war. SALHS quiz  night.

Issue 13. January 2015.

In Memoriam. Buntingford line part 2. Christmas party. The sad story of Admiral Sir Henry Nicholson.

Issue 14. April 2015.

Theobalds. The Poor Law. Ware History.

Issue 15. July 2015.

Hidden Hertfordshire. Saint James' Church. Markets and market Towns. AGM 2015.

Issue 16 Oct  2015

Julian Grenfell. St James Church origins. Hertford Corn Exchange. Salhs Barbeque.

Issue 17 January 2016

Royal Gunpowder Mills. Mr Mead cappell lane. Herts Landscape history.

Issue 18 April 2016

Antiques road show. Robbery at the vicarage. The 18C workhouse. Archaeology in Herts..