Stanstead Abbotts Local History Society

Roydon Road

Queens Head  [No. 67 Roydon Road]

The Queens Head is seen on the left with the Five Horseshoes between the houses on the right

This Inn was located at the corner of Roydon Road and Marsh Lane on the village side of the junction. This might be the site of the “Three Wheat Sheaves” mentioned as being near the bottom of Cats Hill in 1756. The first reference to the Queens Head by name is in 1806 as a beer house with licensee Ann Cannon. Later licensees are recorded as 1890 Joseph Springham, 1937 Harry Collins by which time it was selling wines as well as beer and 1949 Mr Mercer.. A full license was granted in 1957 when it was a Mc Mullen’s house. On closure the building was converted into a Chinese restaurant but today the site of the Queens Head is yet another village pub occupied by a new residential development.


Five Horseshoes  [No. 24 Roydon Road]

The Inn was rebuilt in 1893 in an ornate style with terracotta decorative elements. These preserved its build date and its affiliation to Christie’s brewers of Hoddesdon and its selling of wines and spirits. The pub was closed in the mid sixties and was demolished along with neighbouring houses. The Horseshoe Court residential development now occupies the site and through its name perpetuates the connection with the Five Horseshoes pub.

Known licensees include 1882/86 William Logsdail, 1890 J. Walsingham [also a hairdresser], 1891/95 James Anderson, 1912 Robert Woolf, 1922 Frederick Wells, 1929 A Welch, 1933 Thomas Allsop, 1937-49 Clement Whalley


Inn once occupied the building later to be known as the Mill House located opposite the present Mill building. The Inn is thought to be The Griffin as shown on the Thomas Luppino painting.

Three Wheat Sheaves mentioned as standing at the bottom of Cats Hill in 1756. {see the Queens Head above}

[May be a predecessor of the Queens Head or at a site on the same side of the road between the Queens Head location and the bottom of Cats Hill]