Alan Richardson

Alan joined the Police Force in 1953. He was stationed at Hitchin, Hunsdon and then Stanstead Abbotts where he was the village ‘Bobby’ from 1965 till 1971. He lived with his wife Madge and two children in the Police house in Cappell Lane. Unfortunately, Alan became victim to a brain tumour and after his first operation he was transferred to a desk job at Hertford Police Station.

Whilst stationed in Stanstead Abbotts, Alan’s family can remember him having to carry a lady stranded in Glenmire Terrace down to The Pied Bull during one of the village floods. Another memory of the flood was his daughter helping him to bale out a car filled with floodwater, but the lasting memory for her was receiving a big bag of sweets as a thank you the next day!

Alan is the fourth from the right on the back row.