To commemorate the centenary of the First World War we are researching the village and it’s part in the conflict. Our military historian, Terry Collins, is hard at work discovering all the facts and figures and human interest stories.

A list has been put up at the end of the relevant street or road naming the villagers who died in the war.

Terry is giving a talk on November 14th about the people of the village, especially those that gave their lives for their country.

The society is organizing the cleaning of the war memorial in September.

After the talk in November all the facts will be available here on line so you can access all the facts. Until then a limited amount of information will be available and the site is just being developed so please be patient.

If you have any relevant artefacts or  stories we would love to hear from you.

The Fallen

& where they lived

Stanstead Abbotts & St Margarets 1914 - 1918 war

The Reality of war.

W. Owen

The Moy’s war


Flora Gibson

The Death Penny.


Brian Johnson

Scroll and Medals


Stuart Moye