Waste Paper Collection

During  WW 2 a fund was created by a well meaning committee of Stanstead Abbots folk, prominent among them was Frank Andrews, himself a survivor of WW 1, not in good health as he had been gassed while serving in France,

Each Thursday afternoon he would collect and bundle waste paper together, for sale to a salvage company, proceeds 

from this venture were put to the purchase of leather wallets to be presented to all service men and women returning to the village, inside each wallet there was £6, and would have equaled a good weeks wages { today about £ 600,}

Debbie Hawkins was one of these recipients, having been a driver in the ATS, a friend of the Andrews family, having been a lodger before and after  the conflict , she eventually became a reporter for the Royston Crow Newspaper.

Attached are 2 photos, one of a cutting for the Hertfordshire Mercury Aug 1995, which records a version of events,

the other shows a weary Frank working in his Saddlers shop at  his premises 8 High Street, Stanstead Abbots.


These acts of kindness  should be recorded, for prosperity,


Grandfather remembered,

                                                          Jean Gilby, { Nee andrews }