Conundrum of the Glenmire Windmill.

By Trish Bindefeld

I am a member of the Hertford U3A group looking at Stanstead Abbots. I have a little conundrum which you might be able to comment on!  Your thoughts would be appreciated please.


Ron Dale’s book tells me that the windmill was built in the late 1700s and that it appears on Bryants map of 1822 – this is presumably an affirmation of Guy Horlock’s paper on your website:

Also on the website is an article from Stuart Moye which argues a convincing (but conflicting) case for the windmill being built in the late 19th century and states that it does not appear on Bryants map of 1822.


Cyril Moore in his book “Herts Windmills and Windmillers” (in the library and HALS) tells us that it does not appear on any of the 17th, 18th or 19th century maps. He too confirms that it is believed to be a late 19th century build.  Curiously though the millers he identifies are:

The Allin family 1820 – 1850

Richard Hunt 1850 – 1875

Garratt and Son – 1875 – 1885 and

The Pearce family 1885- 1925

The Allin family were according to Mr Moore, working a windmill before it was built!!

He goes on to say that there were many millers living in the village in the 19th century but there was no evidence in Kelly’s Directory of the census that any worked a windmill.


I have looked at Bryants Map of 1822 (and have a photocopy) and the word “Mill” certainly appears on the map though (in my humble opinion) it does not show the exact site and could possibly refer to “Burts Water Mill”. We know there was a Doomsday Mill in the village so that will have been a water mill. The key to Bryants map shows a windmill as the same picture that we associate today with windmills appearing on an ordnance survey map. I can see no such icon on Bryant’s map.


Guy Horlock goes on to mention the Tythe map of 1841 as evidence and I confess to not having checked this out.


I am intrigued that the website has conflicting documentation and that Ron Dale has chosen (apparently) to go with Guy Horlock’s theory rather than Stuart Moye’s theory.


As I say – a conundrum – I just wondered whether anyone could throw any light on it please?

Trish Bindefeld (2015)