Please SLOW DOWN in

Stanstead Abbotts

A group of local residents from Cappell Lane have joined forces with volunteers from Roydon Road & Hunsdon Road with the main aims

      To raise awareness of dangers when driving too fast in the village

     To reduce speeding of traffic from neighbouring villages through poster campaign, press articles, lobbying & campaigning

      To call on the communities to get involved by contributing to safer roads, safer pavements and increase the use of sustainable means of transport such as walking and cycling in the village when accessing services and recreational facilities

The Cappell Lane Traffic Calming Action Group is also working with the Highways Department to design new traffic calming measures along the lane.

Their work is supported by Cllr Roger Beeching, Stanstead Abbotts Parish Council and Herts Police.

If you would like to join in as a volunteer & be actively involved please contact Corinna Hartwig

Photo C Hartwig