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Stanstead Abbotts Local History Society


Classification of articles and contributors list

Updated to  1st June 2019


PRE 1066

Our first recorded history      RD

Regina of the Catavellani      DX

Alwins Frith        RD

Alwins Frith update       RD

Last word on Alwin       RD

Mesolithic site at Cats Hill      DX

Danes Fort by Vick Roblett     [SDM]VR

1066 TO 1800

Domesday research on Stanstead Abbotts    RD

Why we became Stanstead Abbotts     RD

An abandoned village       RD

Manorial Court Stanstead Bury     RD

Medieval Markets       RD

Black Death and peasants Revolt     RD

Anne Boleyn at Stanstead      RD

The Plot that never was       RD

Good Queen Bess       RD

Civil War in Stanstead      RD

Crooked Lord of the Manor      RD

The Rye House Plot       RD

Sunday laws in Georgian England     RD

C18th Stanstead Abbotts      RD


Tithes and Tithe Barns and Tithe Map 1840    RD

Stanstead in 1840       RD


1949 Local History survey Colour Version   [RG] JMI

1949 Local History and village survey   (Village School)    [BJ]  JMI

History of the village by Mr Woodhouse    BJ

Our historical sites       RD

Sorry the village is closed      BJ

Loss of the Avenue of trees      BJ

Paper Chase in WWII       JG

 The village today       RD


Countess of Huntingdon Free Church  Rev Simon Smith      BJ

History of St Margarets Church Septimus Croft                     RS

StAndrews Church and a misconception    RDav

St James in pictures       IW

A Monestry in Stanstead Abbotts?     RDav

To the New World       RDav

Baesh Memorial       RD

Baesh Charity and the Amwell Pitansry Land   SDM


The meaning of Easneye      RD

Easneye a special place      RD

Pitansry Meadow       RD

A place called Alversholme      RD

A land called Joyces       RD

Early Glenmire and the Windmill             SDM

Riverside Stones       JD

Jolly Fisherman and Riverside Stones    RD

Top of the High Street a history     SDM

Glenmire Terrace       ImW

Griffen Inn        RD

Red Lion early advertising      IW

Stanstead Abbotts drinking fountains     RDav

  Pubs of the village       SDM

More on the Red lion       RD

Amwell Lime Kiln     DX + GeC

History of Olives Farm      [RH] MD

Olives Farm Walk       RG

Olives Farm walk pictures      RG

South Street a history       SDM

South Street in C20th       SDM

Crown Public House Pictures      LW


Behind the names on the war memorial    TC & GC

Village and Villagers in WWI  plus sub parts (a-e)   TC & GC

a) The fallen and where they lived     TC & GC

b) Kings Scroll & medals      SDM

c) Death Penny       BJ

d) Moy’s War        FG

e) Reality of War       RD

Archie Miller        SDM

T. S. Robinson Photographer      RD

T. S. Robinson Update      RD  

The Hales and the Mordants      RD

Thorogood Family       RD

WI in Stansted Abbotts      BJ

Evergreen Club memories      JD

St. Margaretsbury Football Club     RR

Calverts of Hunsdon House and Bonningtons   RD

Sir Simon de Stanstead      RD

Robertsons and Carpenters shop at 58 High Street                [GR] SDM

A very sad story      GeC + BJ

Racheal and Charles Harwood                             [DX] JG

St Margaretsbury Cricket club     RR

Andrews shop at No 8 High Street            TG & JG

Buxtons and the village     RDav

Pc Richardson        BJ

Rocksburghs of Stanstead      RD

A will of 1564        RD

Richard Rumbold of Rye House     RD

Edward medal for railwayman     SDM

William Kitt Boatman       SDM

Richard Huntand the Glenmire Windmill    SDM


Yvonne Richardson “Days gone by in Stanstead Abbotts” [YR] CL

Memories of Stanstead Abbotts from Tom Gilby  TG

Evergreen Club memories     [DP KB JP] JD

Kathleen Baker “My life in Stanstead Abbotts”    KB

Ruff family memories of Stanstead Abbotts    [SF]SDM

Enid Perry remembers      [EP] JD & LH

Mrs Bright’s 1920s memories of the High Street  [AB]  SDM

Mr Mead’s memories of the village     [DM]  MH