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Number 8 High St


Tom and Jean Gilby

A Monastery in

Stanstead Abbotts?

Ron Davies

Stanstead Abbotts


Brian Johnson

To the New World

From Stanstead Abbotts

Ron Davies

The Buxtons &

Stanstead Abbotts

Ron Davies

PC Richardson

Village Bobby

Mrs Brights memories of the High Street in 1926

Stuart Moye

Coronation Celebration


Stuart Moye

The Meaning of Easneye


Ron Dale

Memories by Mr Mead

Stuart Moye

Black Death &

Peasants Revolt

Ian White

Rokesburghs Of

Stanstead Abbotts

Ron Dale

Medieval Christmas


Ian White

Brewery Jottings

Ron Dale

Memories of

Netherfield House

Marlene Harris


Archive Photos.

This is not all of our archive but an interesting selection



Charles Lovick

The Maltings and the

Glenmire Windmill

Guy Horlock

The Glenmire Windmill &

Richard Hunt.

(Updated Feb 2018)

Stuart Moye

A conundrum on the

Glenmire Windmill

Trish Bindefeld

Reply to conundrum on the Glenmire Windmill

Stuart Moye

A short history of

Countess of Huntingdon Free Church

Cappell Lane

A narration by Yvonne Richardson

Telling of her life as a child in the Village and the games she used to play. Yvonne gives a good account of  the shops and how she went to the film shows in the village club.

The Thorogood Family

Ron Dale


Jubilee programme

A talk on the River Lea

By Richard Atkins

May 2012

Photos of the

Jubilee weekend

June 2012

Photos of the Jubilee


Janet & Trevor Dance


Olympic Flame in

Stanstead Abbotts

Janet Dance

Mesolithic site at Cats Hill

R Dixon

A History of St Mary’s Church

St Margarets

Medieval Markets

Ron Dale

A view from the other side.

Memories of Stanstead by

a Roydon Resident.

Tom Gilby

A Theory on Thele Bridge

Ron Dale

The Womens Institute

Brian Johnson

Sunday Laws in

Georgian England

Ron Dale

The River Wharf that

Never Was

Stuart Moye

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