Stanstead in 1840

Ron Dale

Research Snippets

Ron Dale

Richard Rumbold of

Rye House

Ron Dale

The Baesh Memorial

Ron Dale

More on the Red Lion

Ron Dale

Stanstead Abbotts today

“The Village”

Ron Dale


Stuart Moye

The Danes Fort in Stanstead Abbotts


Vic Roblett (1964) edited by Stuart Moye

Our Most Historic Sites

Ron Dale

The Building Of The

Lea Navigation 1767

Stuart Moye

Updated July 2021

Stanstead Abbotts-

Sorry but we’re closed

Brian Johnson

Hollycross Road Diversion

Stuart Moye

Flesh on the bones

Story of a lost motorcycle

Tom Gilby

The 1949 survey by

St Andrews school

Compiled by Rob Gifford

South Street, Stanstead Abbotts

A history

By Stuart Moye

Loss of the Avenue of trees

Hollycross Road

Brian Johnson

Amwell Lime Kiln


R. (Dick) Dixon

Footnote by

Gerald Coppen

Photos of the Chapel outing and

St Andrews’ pupils. 1950.

Submitted by

Claire Cockman.

The Mill Fire


Stuart Moye

From Bear Skins

to beer Making

Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews

Dispute on the river 1700-1750s

Stuart Moye

The Ditton family

Station masters at

St. Margarets

Stuart Moye




Stuart Moye

A History of Olives Farm, Hunsdon Road, the Palmers and many others.

An excellent study of one house.

Donated by Miles Dymock.

Pictures of visit to

Olives Farm, Hunsdon.

July 2018

Rob Gifford

Olives Farm Walk


Rob Gifford

Life in South Street

in the 20th Century

Stuart Moye

The New River &

Captain Colthurst

1600 to 1608

Stuart Moye


During the Civil War

Ron Dale

Our first recorded history

Ron Dale

Anne Boleyn

And Stanstead Abbotts

Ron Dale

A Stanstead will of 1564


Ron Dale

Why we became

Stanstead Abbotts.

Ron Dale

A history of Stanstead Bridge

Ron Dale

Video of the Jubilee Beacon

June 2012

Charles Lovick


An abandoned village?

Ron Dale

A History of St Margaretsbury

Football Club

Roger Reed

Short Video of the village 1991

Charles lovick

French and Jupps

Its history and persons of note

Edited by Ian White


By ladies of the

Evergreen Club.

Janet Dance

Media cont. 4

Mosquito crash at

Olives Farm

Stuart Moye

Photos of the Crown,

St. Margarets.

Around 1937

Liz Welch.

Paper Chase

Jean Gilby

The Edward Medal

For local railway man.

Stuart Moye

William Kitt

Stanstead Abbotts Boatman

Stuart Moye

A video of the village taken in 1987.

This film was shot and edited on traditional film, and then later digitised by John Moss.  It shows the village before the High Street was narrowed and the opening of the bypass.

Stuart Moye obtained a copy of the video and submitted it to the History Society,

John Moss

Media 1 Media 2 Media 3 Media 5 Media 6