A tour of Easneye Estate
The Lodge, Easneye, and a very narrow Hollycross road. Postcard by Charles Martin, No: 59. Postmark unclear but stamp says it must be pre 1918. : Stanstead Old, Stanstead old Brian The Lodge, Easneye. Photo 2007. The Lodge, Easneye. Postcard by Friths, date unknown. The Jubilee Beacon, Easneye, June 4th 2012
The Jubilee Beacon, Easneye, June 4th 2012 Easneye Mansion, Stanstead Abbotts. Postcard "Friths... All Nations Christian College. Easneye Mansion, built by Alfred Waterhouse for the previous owner Thomas Buxton in 1869. The house was later donated to the college by Mr. Buxton. Photo 2007 All Nations Christian College. Formerly Easneye Mansion 2007.
All Nations Christian College. Formerly Easneye Mansion 2007. This wonderful urn stands in the front area on thr green. Believe it or not this roof covers the water tower The side entrance to the well kept gardens.
Front entrance Front, right Rear view and garden Gothic detai
Gothic turret Part of the side elevation which helps show how large the house is. The main reception area. Fireplace in entrance hall
Hertfordshire stag over fire place. Fireplace detail One of the many fine stained glass windows. The main staircase
Second floor. Note the gate on the left to shut the stairway off One of the lecture rooms Portrait of Mr Buxtons daughter. The Dairy Farm, Easneye Estate. Still in operation today. 1906
Footpath through Easneye. Photo 2007. Easneye Estate footpath. 1985 The footpath through Easneye towards Waters Place near Wareside. Photo 1987 The footpath through Easneye towards Waters Place. Photo December 2012
Easneye footpath towards Stanstead Abbotts. December 2012 Easneye footpath. Photo 2007. All that remains of the old bridge that crossed over the top of the old Saxon Road in Easneye. Photo December 2012 The old Saxon Road through Easneye. Photo December 2012
North Lodge, Easneye. Two dwellings, the right hand one was the gamekeepers house. Photo 2010 Steve Knight. Gamekeeper for Henry Buxton on the Easneye Estate. A good friend who has now retired to Norfolk but he is still keen on country matters and wins trophies with working dogs. A great character and a man with the country life in his blood. Photo 1987. Steve Knight Easneye gamekeeper. 1981 - 2009. The dog is "Quince", a winner at Crufts. Quince was handled at Crufts by Steve's wife Sue. Photo copyright Steve Knight. (2014) View across Easneye towards North Lodge. Photo 2007.
The old gateway to Easnyeye. Originally Cappell Lane came through here to Ware, crossing the railway at a level crossing and rejoining todays road further on. Photo Dec 2012 Gate post to the old Easneye gate. Now sadly neglected and forgotten. December 2012 The old Cappell Lane, still visible through the woods on it's way to the railway crossing. Photo December 2012 The original road through Easnye was gated in various places. A few of the gate posts still remain. December 2012
Footpath through Easneye towards Wareside. The railway ran parallel to the left of this path. Photo December 2012 The Lime Quarry, Easneye. December 2012 A residence on the Easneye Estate. photo December 2012 Little Briggens farm. 2010
Footpath towards Newlands. 2010 Brick wall that used to support the railway bridge over the River Ash. Photo December 2012 South Lodge, Easneye, Hollycross Road. 1987 South Lodge, Hollycross Road. Gatelodge containing 2 houses: Possibly by Alfred Waterhouse who built the main house at Easneye for T R Buxton. Grade 2 listed. Photo 2007
The "new road" to the right, the old road to Stanstead Abbotts to the left. Hollycross Road, December 2012.