Shops 2017

High Street shops March 18th 2017
The taste of Raj. Still going strong and run by a very friendly staff. Not a great Indian food fan myself but I admit to having spent a few evenings in the establishment. Not much change here. As varied and attractive as ever. Sheffield House. Unfortunately the doctors surgery tends to be closed more than it's open due to the doctors being stretched but hopefully it will improve. They come and go but it's good to see some new blood having a try on the High Street. Pity it didn't work out.
The Cafe. Under new management from the last set of pictures (2014) but still as popular as ever. B'loons. A new face here but something we haven't seen before. Proving quite popular especially with my family. Rehab. Seem to be well used and a popular hairdressers. Well established in the village. Wine World. Security is a sign of the times but the shop has a good stock and is very popular.
The building could do with a face lift and that would benefit the retail units. Would benefit the Village High Street as well. Khunnai. This property has changed names a lot over the last few years but always remains as a quality restaurant. Why the numerous changes I don't know. Back to the top of the High Street. Jonathan Hunt has moved next door to where the optician used to be and a charityshop has filled the vacant premises. Interesting items in the charity shop and well worth a look. Seaways. The Chinese chippy has gone. (small portions and expensive and in my opinion not very tasty). We now have a proper chippy, large portions, very reasonable prices and very tasty to boot. Long may it last.
Seaway interior No change here. Business as usual. Bikeactive are still here so must be doing something right. If I was a bit younger I would definitely have a bike from them. Far more interesting than when I was a kid. Abbott Stoves. No Change apart from a change of colour. Used to be red.
Very useful utility. An ideal service for the village. House of Beauty. A tidy and attractive addition to the high Street. The Lord Louis has gone and the Oak has returned. Don't know why they changed it in the first place. Not a pub as such anymore but it looks the part.
The Barber shop. No change. Burtons as was. Closed January 2017. End of an era that started about 1895. Admittedly it changed owners a few times but the name was part of village history. Very sad. La Velles. Used to be Vintage Rock. Still going strong. The post office has been downgraded even if the Coop say it hasn't. Bad decision.
Hunters. Used to be Property File but only the name has changed. Same people, different name. Taylor Heating. No change. The Village Pharmacy. A very busy establishment. Must be a nightmare to keep control of the village prescriptions. Mine alone must cause a headache. No pun intended. The end of the High Street. The Bridge Shop is a very friendly place and ensures my newspaper is delivered on time every day.
Not a shop but I thought I would put this in. The Village car park where you can't park. Since it was made free parking the commuters grab all the spaces in the morning. Plans are afoot to change the situation but don't hold your breath. The parish council must sort this out.