The Fallen and where they lived.

The following is a list of the fallen villagers and their known home residence.

A plaque has been erected at the end of the relevant roads to remember them.

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Park Lane

Charles Burgess

Stanstead Bury Farm Wing

Joseph Hinson


Harold Leonard Paddon

Wheelers Common

Arthur James Salmons

Chaseway Cottages

Ernest Cole


Andrew Buxton

Chapel Lane

Edwin Joseph Flack

Roland Walker  (Warrax Cottages)

James Frost

Albert George Francis (N0.82)


Roydon Road:

Leslie George Duncan Robertson

Albert George Saggers

William Lawrence (Gillie Cottages)

Frederick Alfred Elve


High Street

Alfred “Cecil” Atkins

Alfred Ernest Clarke (Sheffield House)

Frederick Clarke 

George Lancaster Cutts


Cats Hill

Herbert C. Brown


Riverside Cottages

Charles Smith  (No. 6)

Edward Smith       “



Frederick Thomas Adams

Frederick Ward  (Little Rye Farm)


South Street

Arthur John Cornhill  (No.36)

Edgar William Sidney Damen

Ralph Bentley  (No. 26)

Charles Harwood