The Moy’s Boy’s war

Flora Gibson has a some touching stories to tell concerning her husband Vic’s great grandfathers at the time of the first world war.

The first story concerns Frederick Ward, whose wife died 8/9/1916, they had 10 or 11 children, 5 or 6 of them still at home in 1917. Frederick's third son Alfred enlisted in the army whilst being underage and without his fathers consent. Frederick wrote to the army requesting the release of the boy.


Alfred’s letter

The second story is of George Edward Moy and his family. George was contaminated with mustard gas and suffered lasting injuries long after the war finished.

He returned from the war suffering the effects of mustard gas and rumour had it that after the war, he used to sit at the kitchen table with a spittoon by him which he used frequently.  One day when he was suffering badly he grabbed the bread knife from the table & threatened to cut his throat ... but family intervened & he survived until he was 60.    

Some of his grandchildren were evacuated from Walthamstow to Braughing during WW2, and subsequently came to live in Hertfordshire - Nazeing - in the 1950's.  Vic & I moved to Stanstead Abbotts in 1975.

Flora Gibson (2014) 

Thanks to Vic and Flora Gibson for allowing us to use this material.

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